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I offer a range of freelance art services from fully rendered character busts to Virtual Reality Avatars.


$5.oo - Loose Clothing Sketch/Base Character Sketch

$7.oo - Refined Clothing Sketch/Base Character Sketch

$10.oo - Fully Refined Character Sketch

                        +1.5o for quick colour


$5.oo - Refined Head Bust

                           +o.5o for quick colour

$1o.oo - Full Colour Bust


$45.oo-$7o.oo - Fully Rendered Character Bust

Full Body

$100.oo-$12o.oo - Full Body  Character Render

$11o.oo-$13o.oo - Full Body Character with Prop

$175.oo-$2oo.oo - Two Characters

                        +$15.oo per prop

*10% discount if working with DnD parties [3 characters or more] 

Virtual Avatars

$15o.oo - Texture touchup

$22o.oo - Simple, limitted texture customization

$275.oo-$325.oo - Texture customization

                        +$15.oo per prop addon

Additional 3D Work

This includes props/objects through the full pipeline with PBR textures and game ready for Unity or Unreal Engine. Price is negotiated for an hourly rate.


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