Fox Forest

I was a Teacher Assistant in the Junior Game Studio where students create a game from concept to publishing. I was the Team Manager, Project Lead, and Lead Lighter. I made sure everyone had tasks and made deadlines while also teaching Unreal Engine 4, Maya, and both Substance Painter and Substance Designer.

Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn
Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn
Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn
Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn
Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn
Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn
Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn

Team Credits: Jason Briney, Jake Byers, Michael Caruso, Morgan Cooney, Cleo Karczewski, Ash Kuehn, Bea Marie, Molly Mclaughlin, Adam McQueen, Brianna Peterson, Abi Wysokowski


Get Slotted: An Escape

Made during the College for Creative Studies 2018 48 Hour Challenge from the prompt "Little Happy has a big problem" I lead a team of five other artists to create a 1980's Mafia-Inspired VR Escape room taking influence from I Expect You to Die (2016) and The Godfather (1972).

VR The Champions Credits:

Michael Caruso - Texturing, Asset Creation, Voice Over

Cleo Karczewski - Master Material, Asset Creation, VFX

Ash Kuehn - Set Dressing, Asset/Team Management,      Asset Creation

Natalie Truman - Blue Printing, Asset Creation, SFX, QA

Adam McQueen - Grey Box, Asset Creation

Abi Wysokowski - Concept Art, Asset Creation, Set Dressing

Get Slotted 06
Get Slotted 05
Get Slotted 03
Get Slotted 04
Get Slotted 02
Get Slotted 01

Space Ship

I was commissioned to create a crashed spaceship for the student film Amber an Alien by Jonah Stoppel. Modelled in Maya with inspiration from Sputnik and rocket turbines, it went through a brief texturing in Substance Painter where I played around with the programs Anchor system. I handed off the ship and ground to Stoppel who then composited it into his film.


The Citadel Props

 Edwardian, Baroque, and Gothic furniture was referenced and utilized in the creation of many of The Citadel's props. A dark Mahogany wood with gold accents was used as well as the uniform colour themes of The Order in the fabric itself.


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