Fox Forest

I was a Teacher Assistant in the Junior Game Studio where students create a game from concept to publishing. I was the Team Manager, Project Lead, and Lead Lighter. I made sure everyone had tasks and made deadlines while also teaching Unreal Engine 4, Maya, and both Substance Painter and Substance Designer.

Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn
Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn
Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn
Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn
Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn
Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn
Fox Forest - Ash Kuehn

Team Credits: Jason Briney, Jake Byers, Michael Caruso, Morgan Cooney, Cleo Karczewski, Ash Kuehn, Bea Marie, Molly Mclaughlin, Adam McQueen, Brianna Peterson, Abi Wysokowski


Get Slotted: An Escape

Made during the College for Creative Studies 2018 48 Hour Challenge from the prompt "Little Happy has a big problem" I lead a team of five other artists to create a 1980's Mafia-Inspired VR Escape room taking influence from I Expect You to Die (2016) and The Godfather (1972).

VR The Champions Credits:

Michael Caruso - Texturing, Asset Creation, Voice Over

Cleo Karczewski - Master Material, Asset Creation, VFX

Ash Kuehn - Set Dressing, Asset/Team Management,      Asset Creation

Natalie Truman - Blue Printing, Asset Creation, SFX, QA

Adam McQueen - Grey Box, Asset Creation

Abi Wysokowski - Concept Art, Asset Creation, Set Dressing

Get Slotted 06
Get Slotted 05
Get Slotted 03
Get Slotted 04
Get Slotted 02
Get Slotted 01

Space Ship

I was commissioned to create a crashed spaceship for the student film Amber an Alien by Jonah Stoppel. Modelled in Maya with inspiration from Sputnik and rocket turbines, it went through a brief texturing in Substance Painter where I played around with the programs Anchor system. I handed off the ship and ground to Stoppel who then composited it into his film.