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Ash Kuehn

An artist with an affinity for spreadsheets, Ash has a CG modelling background and specializes in environment design, assembly, set dressing, and lighting. They are able to communicate and lead groups of artists with their skills in team management, asset organization, and understanding and use of spreadsheets and documentation. 

Ash Kuehn is a passionate individual dedicating their time to a number of projects and companies over the years including volunteer work at the Northville Art House and as a horse instructor at Showcase Stables. They have worked as a Pre-Layout artist on animation projects such as RWBY and Gen:LOCK and offered their 3D skill set to several Indie Game Studios. Ash is currently a professor at the College for Creative Studies teaching Game Design, Maya, and Unreal Engine.

Beyond teaching, Ash has worked on a variety of freelance projects, most notably Hyperion Motors' XP-1 hydrogen vehicle. Additionally, they led a team of six to create the VR escape room game Get Slotted: An Escape during a 48 Hour Challenge. Ash stepped into a leadership role for the Fox Forest development team, assigning tasks and organizing assets as the Production Manager while also completing their thesis The Citadel.

Graduating the College for Creative Studies in spring 2018, Ash received a BFA in Entertainment Arts concentrating in Game Design and was awarded the Imre J. Molner Artistic Achievement Award. During their time at CCS, they have participated in the 48 Hour challenge in 2014, 2015, and 2016 creating an Animation as well as 2018 creating a VR Game. Ash has also been a part of the Entertainment Arts' department tutorial series, giving college-level presentations to fellow classmates.





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