The Citadel, once home to the High Kings of Faegyn, is now the headquarters for a secretive organization of assassins known only as The Order of Armistice.  Built with the mythos of Faegyn in mind, The Citadel contains Iconography depicting the religious motifs of Lunarism, as well as the history of The Order of Armistice.


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The construction and design of The Citadel have transformed throughout the processes as design elements were chosen and new techniques were learned. Modeled in Autodesk Maya, Textures created in Substance Designer and applied with Substance Painter, the cathedral was assembled in Unreal Engine 4.


Concept & Design

Original conceptualization and preliminary modelling began in the fall of 2016 but quickly led to a redesign in spring of 2017. The Citadel, originally inspired by cathedrals such as Canterbury and St. James began taking more traits from Romanesque cathedrals such as Noyon and Senlis. The Citadel itself aims for architecture and design reminiscent of late Romanesque, early Gothic and translates traditional construction motifs into fantasy.