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Armageddon did not happen gracefully, it was violent and merciless. That was hundreds of years ago, however, now all that is left is a wasteland where radiation seeps from the ground, acid rain falls from the sky, and the last shreds of life soak in despair. AFTERMATH is an isometric, turn-based, role-playing game focused on discovery and exploration. The player will venture through environments of a world long destroyed in an apocalyptic war where weapons hide in the visage of man and everything is dangerous.


Built for Table Top, view the Homebrew Here


Pitch Deck

AFTERMATH is an ongoing project that will undoubtedly evolve over time as directions change. As of 2023 a large part of the overarching narrative and key mechanics have been solidified. 

Concept & Design

Conceptualization is ongoing as the project continues. With a grunge aesthetic, the visuals of AFTERMATH will be a stylized realism where textures receive a hand painted pass. The environments will have a ‘brutalist’ and ‘utilitarian’ nature about them where buildings are either built from local scraps or refurbished from previously destroyed structures. Inspiration will be taken from real world locations that have suffered from decay such as the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Duga Radio Array, Titan Missile Silos, and other Cold War locations. NPCs will be just as utilitarian as the world around them as they have had to survive on the bones and ash of the civilization before them.

Concept & Design


While the United States and the Soviet Union may not have escalated beyond proxy wars during the Cold War, Drasmid and the Vlacoth Union inevitably went after each other. Both sides armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons of mass destruction, the world of AFTERMATH is an atomic Cold War world destroyed. Technology is reminiscent to the analog era of the late 1900s with an atomic/nuclear twist and the people of the world have had to build themselves back up with scraps while animals have been heavily affected by radiation and mutated over time.

See the Full Pinterest Reference Board here

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