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Hiraeth: A Warriors Journey Home


Hiraeth: a deep longing for something, especially one's home. A warrior awoken from his death in battle must prove himself to the deities of purgatory to receive the final judgment and determine where his afterlife will be. This is a passion project I have had for quite some time and will be a long, and worthwhile investment. It may take time for the project to reach its completion, but the journey is one I am more than willing to make. 


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Concept & Design

Conceptualization is ongoing and as the project continues, will undergo changes as I learn more about the history, legends and mythologies of the regions I am inspired by. Celtic and Nordic weaponry, locations and lore have a significant influence on my direction and aesthetic of Hiraeth. Tutorials for Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints have had a large impact on the functionality of the game although the desired outcome is to have controls reminiscent of Dark Souls III.

Concept & Design


A large part of Hiraeth has been the research for its design. A focus for the environments has been in the North of Europe primarily in Ireland, Wales, and the Scandinavian countries Norway and Sweden. Celtic and Wiccan motifs have inspired much of the imagery through the concept phase of Hiraeth and have driven a large part of the plot and narrative. 

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